[Interview] Stéphanie Vuillemin – Société Générale

12.12.19 | Bank, Cashback

In November 2019, Société Général launched a new cashback reward program in France. What were the challenges around this launch ?

The service « Cashback Societe Generale », rewarding bank card purchases, is in line with our  bank’s relationship model which provides added value to its clients. For its implementation, our teams had identified a number of technical, legal and marketing challenges. Regarding the solution to be adopted, we had strong requirements, especially in terms of reliability, performance and agility.

What were the reasons leading you to choose the CLO solution developed by CDLK ?

In this context of innovation, we were looking for a cashback solution that was both efficient and also approuved within the French market ecosystem. More specifically, the reasons for choosing CDLK were mainly the following :

  • to offer cashback rewards regardless of the mode of purchase: in store, In-App or online;
  • to guarantee a very rigorous process of tracking expenses in partner stores;
  • to have the choice of an IT solution available on premises or full SaaS, with the guarantee of reversibility;
  • to be able to activate new features such as adding personalized offers.

At the launch, we finally opted for the SaaS mode, which allowed us to deploy the solution within less than 4 months…

Marketing Manager Retail Banking