Enhancing the value of payment data

Transforming transactional data into innovative digital banking services.


banking cashback in France

+ than 1 billion

data processed each year

+ than 1%

of expenses categorized

Our solution

CDLK Banking suite : innovative solutions to meet different use cases for everyday banking

Cashback Program

CRM & Customer Insights

Improved Expense Statement

Merchant Report

A personalized and automated cashback loyalty program, linked to purchases made by bank card in partner stores.


A tool for enhancing and categorizing payment data based on consumption behavior, allowing banks to benefit from better customer insights.


Better readability of online account statements, with precise identification of expenses and points of sale, and 100% automated and reliable categorization of transactions.


Key performance indicators (KPIs) for banks’ business customers, with a benchmark view of their point of sale.


Key advantages of our solution

Data quality

A Big Data technology based on an innovative sourcing method from raw payment details.

Security & compliance

A secure and proven platform, processing anonymized data in compliance with banking standards.

Scalable & customizable

The CDLK software suite is scalable and adaptable to meet the bank’s evolving needs.

Plug and play

We guarantee a quick installation of the solution at the bank, in either Saas or On-Premises mode.

Customer Stories


« The performance of CDLK’s CLO Platform allows us to keep up with our current membership base of several million cardholders who can access thousands of cashback offers daily. »

Caroline Arnould,

LCL CityStore Development Director


« To launch our cashback program in less than 4 months, only the CLO Solution developed by CDLK allowed us to simultaneously address the technical, legal and marketing challenges. »

Stéphanie Vuillemin,

Marketing Manager Retail Banking



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