PayFORUM Awards 2018
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CDLK converts
transaction data into
new banking services.

At CDLK, processing transaction data from the credit cardholder-retailer
“ecosystem" forms the core of our business. We provide banks with
practical apps to meet their digital transformation needs. 

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PDMP: Payment Data Management Platform by CDLK

Payment Data Management Platform

The Smart Data solution at the service of digital banking.

The processing and the enrichment of collected payment data is a prerequisite to any new implementation provided by CDLK.

CDLK assists banks with their digital transitions

Our solution provides a holistic approach to forge deeper client loyalty. By investing in innovation to analyse payment data, digital banking sets out to achieve a higher rate of client retention and an increase in revenue with upgraded operational cost oversight.
Developing useful value added services out of payment data
first of all implies processing the data to make it workable.

Frédéric Lapeyre
Marketing & Products Director,

From the start of our collaboration, the CDLK team have demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering an innovative, robust and efficient solution within the defined timescale. Operating as part of the bank's system, their platform is both modern and secure. This platform addresses the new challenges arising from customer-driven and digital banking. CDLK provides us with a well-established understanding of business objectives and a strong ability for putting forward the right operational solutions to attain them.

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PayFORUM Awards 2018

PayFORUM Awards 2018

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