Fintech technology for digital transformation of banking

Big DataTransaction data
Machine learningSemi-supervised learning algorithms
Engagement indicatorsOperational insights

Our command of new technologies assists banks
in their handling of payment data issues.

PDMP: Payment Data Management Platform

The PDMP was designed to pool every requirement needed for all the business applications
in the CDLK Banking Suite.


Data processing-related issues.

To make added value out of transaction data, it has to be processed and enriched which is a demanding and complex operation to initiate and maintain over time.

The particularity of CDLK's offer is its highly sophisticated algorithmic engine which processes millions of transactions each day so that they can be categorized, geo-localized and identified with precision. 

The engine uses all the basic transaction data made available by the raw flows of payment. The data is then enriched by processing it with outside sources of information. The end result is the only merchant repository of its kind in France, whose long term maintenance is guaranteed by our platform.

Data enrichment is at the core of our solution


An unrivalled capacity for categorisation

Our machine learning method ensures an all-encompassing classification rate of over 99%. Such performance is achieved by processing thousands of business rules with different sources of data.

Once implemented, the PDMP ensures high quality categorisation which no longer relies on clients' aptitude or inclination to provide information about the type of transactions associated with their accounts.


Precise geolocation of each point of sale

We apply different discovery algorithms for geo-localisation and addresses.

Such innovative geo-localisation opens up great possibilities for new added value digital banking services.

Key criteria for the design of CDLK's products and solutions

SecurityNatively provides the highest protective measures required by banks.
Data privacyPersonal data is handled exclusively within the confines of the bank.
Data volumeSupports high availability infrastructures thanks to a peer-to-peer, multi-nodal and multi-Datacenter distributed system.
Minimal operational costsOver 99.99% uptime application. Automatic purge and data migration.
Simplified integrationQuick to install
Centralised configuration
Standardised electronic payment connectors.

CDLK Banking Suite was natively designed to be serviceable quickly and to limit build and run costs.