CDLK Banking Suite

CLO Solution

CLO Solution

Provide personalized rewards to your bank cardholders.

CDLK provides banks with an innovative and easy to use loyalty program based on data payment exploitation.

For each purchase made at a merchant partner (in-store, in-App or online), the customer automatically receives a personalized reward, which can be cashback or any other form of advantage.

No coupon or promotional code, only the use of the bank card is required to receive the offer; it also works in NFC or through a Wallet.

An opportunity for the bank to become a publisher, and to strengthen its value proposition to its consumers and professional clients. 

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Easy Seg

Easy Seg

Understand better your customers' spending profile and expectations.

In a few clicks you can produce a unique segmentation of consumer behaviour based on a categorisation of spending.

EASY SEG provides access to effective market segmentation in a very practical way. The tool is able to sort spending into a hierarchy of sectors and sub-sectors according to each product category (400 +).

EASY SEG provides clients with a user-friendly and intuitive interface for submitting requests.

A connector can link EASY SEG directly to the bank's Big Data in order to process consumer behaviour data with other sources of workable data, (KYP, Equipment Products etc).

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Support Merid

Support Merid

Clarify online bank statements.

Online accounts are more straightforward when the category of each spending can be displayed in a click, with access to a purchase history in every point of sale.

When viewing their accounts, customers are often confronted with incomprehensible transaction wording. This complication gives rise to endless telephone and email enquiries to customer advisors whose level of information is no better. Sometimes enquiries can lead to stalling payment to investigate possible fraud.

SUPPORT MERID resolves such inconveniences which negatively affect client user and online experience as well as operational costs. The solution has an entirely automatic information system which works on demand.

Under certain circumstances, SUPPORT MERID is able to categorize almost 100% of transactions in the personal financial management system (PFM) implemented by the bank.

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Business Insight

Business Insight

Produce key performance indicators for each point of sale.

From now on, retailers can obtain their own specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for their points of sale and measure performance using the following index-based results:

• Turnover,
• Market share,
• Average "shopping basket",
• Customer profile,
• Mapping,
• Targeting.

These indicators are calculated daily with an option for varying the geographical areas, business sectors and periods.

Retailers are able to establish benchmarks for their points of sale and boost business according to numerical and defined market trends.

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